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Monthly Archives: November 2019


Debt Collection Industry is Upset Over Recent Ruling

By Jacobs Legal |

There are many areas where the law has not kept up with technology–even somewhat dated technology. The debt collection industry is now trying to use a decision by a federal court to argue that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act needs updating to keep up with technology. While the act does need some refreshers,… Read More »

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Miami Leads Country in Mortgage Denials…But Is That Good or Bad?

By Jacobs Legal |

A recent study delivered mixed news to South Floridians: Miami and its surrounding areas have the highest rate of mortgage application denials in the country. That can be seen both as good news, and bad news. Miami Leads in Denials  Miami had the highest percentage of mortgage loan application denials of any other city,… Read More »

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New Case Makes Foreclosing Easier for Banks

By Jacobs Legal |

Although the foreclosure crisis seems to be behind us, and although the number of foreclosures filed is lower than it was at the height of the crisis, there are still plenty of cases working their way through our court system. Some are newer cases, and some are older ones, with banks oftentimes refiling cases… Read More »

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Consumers Find Power in Debtor’s Unions

By Jacobs Legal |

All kinds of ideas have been tried to take on student loan creditors and banks. Most of those ideas have involved the legal system, with borrowers and their attorneys coming up with new and novel ways to combat the student loan collectors, or through filing lawsuits to enforce debt forgiveness programs. Unionizing Borrowers A… Read More »

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