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Category Archives: Foreclosure Defense


Wells Fargo Admits to Error That Cost Borrowers Their Homes

By Jacobs Legal |

When the economy tanked around 2007-2008, the government knew that something had to be done to help people keep their homes. One option that was created was the Making Home Affordable Program (also known as HAMP, or Home Affordable Modification Program). The HAMP Program The program was designed to modify home loans to a… Read More »

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Case Requires Bank to Show Compliance with FHA Requirements

By Jacobs Legal |

For the most part, every mortgage and note are generally the same (at least in Florida, and if we’re talking about first mortgages on residential property). That is, they use the same basic language, with the same requirements imposed on the lender and the borrower. FHA Loans But FHA loans are a little different…. Read More »

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Florida Supreme Court to Rule on Important Case Involving Attorney’s Fees

By Jacobs Legal |

The Florida Supreme Court is set to decide an important case on attorneys fees. While the issue of attorney’s fees may not seem like one of great importance to your everyday consumer, this one is. Despite the fact the case is a foreclosure case, it could have striking ramifications for many kinds of consumer… Read More »

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