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Category Archives: Student Loan Debt


Plan to Change Student Loan Repayment System Isn’t a Help to Borrowers

By Jacobs Legal |

With more and more people struggling under student loan debt, and with student loan providers having powers and rights that many other creditors do not, this does not sound like a great time to be giving them even more power. However, a new proposal being considered by congress could give student loans the power… Read More »

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Health Professionals Have Licenses Suspended Over Student Loan Debt

By Jacobs Legal |

Student loan servicers and student loan companies have more power than your average creditor. They are given rights and shortcuts that normal creditors do not have. This is why students have such difficulty with these loans–aside from the often astronomical amounts that are owed, the money needed to repay them seems to disappear from… Read More »

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Income-Based Repayment Can Have the Same Effect as Discharging Student Loans

By Jacobs Legal |

If you have a federal student loan, and you’re not making enough to pay your loan payments (or you are completely unemployed), you may be looking for relief from your loans. In fact, you may be looking to explore options to discharge your loans in bankruptcy, or, if your unemployment is caused by medical… Read More »

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Student Loan Debt Lawsuits Lucrative for Collection Firms

By Jacobs Legal |

Student loan debt collections are big business for a number of collections agencies, which often bank on little resistance from defendant debtors. Default judgments can be obtained when debtors decide it’s not worth hiring an attorney and confronting the allegations in court. But as our student loan debt defense attorneys in Miami know, many… Read More »

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