December 4, 2013 - Foreclosure Attorney's Targeted in 3rd DCA Ruling

In case you missed it, attached is the Daily Business Review article: "Justice Watch: Foreclosure Attorneys Targeted in 3rd DCA Ruling" that came out this week.

This article is just the latest evidence that the Debt Warriors are making people uncomfortable. It talks about how Bruce Jacobs has gone into the belly of the beast to fight for homeowners. It talks about how the Appellate Court for Miami has taken notice of Bruce Jacobs. Sure its difficult to be the "target" of any judge. But we take it as a compliment.

The truth is that Banks and mortgage servicers are powerful, greedy and corrupt institutions that have committed massive fraud in foreclosure cases. They refuse to negotiate in good faith. The dirty secret is that loan servicers make more money when they foreclose. That's why the loan modification process is such a frustrating disaster.

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