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ForeclosureJacobs Keeley takes great pride in defending homeowners in these difficult times.  We believe our clients caught in the unprecedented wave of foreclosures need sound advice now more than ever.   

We have developed an affordable, formidable defense strategy.  We hold the Bank to its burden while we fight to get time back on your side. Jacobs Keeley can guide you through the dangerous waters whether you want to stay in your home or get out from under it.

The Time has Come to Fight Foreclosure

In this difficult real estate market, many homeowners and investors are just walking away from the problem.  Some make the mistake of moving out the day they fall behind on their mortgage.   Others allow the bank to have a quick foreclosure without even responding in court.  Still others seek out the advice of loan modification companies who will not go to court.

Once the foreclosure is finished, the problems really begin.  Many banks seek out a “deficiency judgment” against the homeowner once they sell your home at a fire-sale price.  If you owed $400,000.00 and the bank only sold your home for $150,000.00, the bank is entitled to a judgment against you for the $250,000.00 balance owed.  Even if your bank won’t go after a deficiency judgment, there are bottom-feeders who buy those judgments for pennies on the dollar.  You don’t want those sharks pursuing you.

A good offense is the best foreclosure defense

It is now becoming clear that your best strategy is to fight a foreclosure. Our goal is to identify and develop legal defenses in the origination and servicing of your loan.  The Bank may have violated any number of predatory lending  or Banking Regulations including:

  •  the Truth-in-lending Act (TILA),
  •  the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA), and
  •  Regulation Z of the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act (RESPA).

When lenders fear an aggressive defense, they identify your file as a “problem” case.  The problem cases are far more likely to get better results in settlements.  The goal is determined by your goals.  We can employ certain strategies to keep you in your home. Other to get you out from under it. 

There are many defenses to be asserted and appropriate procedural strategies which can be used to fight off a foreclosure.  There are many more exit strategies that can bring an end to the foreclosure without a deficiency judgment.

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