If You are not Dealing with a Lawyer be Careful with Foreclosure Scams

Foreclosure scams are everywhere and you always have to be on the watch out. Be very careful. Anytime you're not dealing with a lawyer for starters, these loan auditing companies that will charge $4,000 and tell you you'll your free house. Most of that is not true. The people who are out there trying to get your deed.

Asking for a deed to your property, run. They're not there to help you. They're there to take your property from you. Anytime you that get one of those things in the mail that looks like it's from the government but it's not really from the government, that's a scam waiting to happen. So just be careful.

And what you really should do is consult a lawyer train in foreclosure defense if you really want to have a shot to keep your house.

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