July 9, 2014 - The New Reg Z Loan Mod Strategy

Are you still underwater on your home? Still making payments you can't afford? Understandably afraid of the loan mod nightmare?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just deputized the Debtwarriors! There's a new sheriff in town with a brand new arsenal to create leverage in your loan modification. It works whether you are current on your loan or about to go to trial on your foreclosure. Its called Reg Z and it lets you sue your servicer.

Listen to the Debtwarriors with Bruce Jacobs and Court Keeley on 880AM the Biz. You will learn how you can create lawsuits against your servicer for playing games during the loan modification process. You can collect up to $4,000.00 plus attorneys fees for each violation! Its time to stop asking your bank nicely for a modification.

The Revolution will not be televised.

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