Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate LawJacobs Keeley represents clients in all aspects of real estate litigation. We aggressively interpret contract terms, and the State and Federal Statutes that governing the relationships between various parties to a real estate transaction.

Our clients include homeowners, commercial property owners, buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers, developers, brokers, contractors, landlords and tenants. Let BJA advise you and your company as what rights the law provides each of these parties.

Quiet Title

If your property was foreclosed by "robo-signors" and fraudulent foreclosure practices. If you purchased a tax deed or discovered someone tried to steal the equity in your home with a fraudulent lien. If someone applied for credit against your house without your consent, you may need to go through a “Quiet Title” action to remove these “clouds on title” from your property.

In the past few years, South Florida has seen all manner of fraud. In some cases, criminals have actually “stolen” houses by deeding a property to themselves without the owners consent and then obtaining lines of credit against them.

The Attorneys at Jacobs Keeley can remove these marks from the title to your property.

Available 24/7 Call NowLandlord-Tenant Disputes

Jacobs Keeley have extensive litigation and trial experience investigating and resolving landlord tenant issues. From residential evictions to commercial lease disputes involving improper CAM charges, Jacobs Keeley has litigated, tried and won all manner of Landlord Tenant issues in state court. If you are uncertain of your rights, or if you are involved in a dispute, let the attorneys at BJA review your contract, your case and help you understand what protections the courts can provide you.

Unlicensed Contracting

Every contractor who does work in this state must be licensed by the state and typically, the local government. Contractors who practice without a license can be prosecuted criminally and sued in civil court. Victims are entitled to be paid back, sometimes triple the damages that they suffered. Additionally, if you have been injured by an unlicensed contractor you may be entitled to treble damages and force the contractor to pay your attorneys fees.

You have a right to expect that someone who is holding himself or herself out to be a contractor has a certain level of skill and that that skill is verified by the government. You have a right to expect them to have insurance. If the contractor has not fulfilled their legal requirements, you can sue, you can win, and you can even recover your attorneys’ fees. Call Bruce Jacobs Keeley for a free consultation.

Pre-Construction Contracts

The South Florida Housing market is in a state of flux. Many purchasers of pre-construction properties and condominium units want out of their contracts. Our firm has made it our business to know the State and Federal laws that has allowed many of our clients to avoid their pre-construction contracts and recover their deposits. Bring your pre-construction contract in for a consultation.

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