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What Does a Credit Reporting Agency Have to Do When You Dispute an Item on Your Credit?

By Jacobs Legal |

If you check your credit or get your credit reports, you’ll always see the same basic message: If you don’t agree with something on your credit reports, you can always dispute what’s there. But what can you actually dispute, and what happens when you file a dispute? What Can be Disputed You cannot dispute… Read More »

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Unpaid Federal Workers Face Tough Problems With Creditors

By Jacobs Legal |

The government is, at the time this post is written, shut down. For many federal workers, this means that they will likely get paid when the government “re-opens,” but until then, many are reporting to work as normal, without being paid. Although on a much smaller scale, a lot of what federal workers in… Read More »

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Credit Pull Disclosures Must be Conspicuous–But Only If Your Permission is Required

By Jacobs Legal |

It is often suggested that when you apply for credit, and your credit is pulled, it negatively impacts your credit score. One credit inquiry here or there won’t damage an otherwise good credit rating, but loads of them in a short period of time certainly can. That’s why the Fair Credit Reporting Act creates… Read More »

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What’s the Deal With Those Credit Pre-Approval Offers That Come in the Mail?

By Jacobs Legal |

Have you ever opened your mail and been greeted with the envelope that gleefully declares that you have been “pre-approved” for a credit offer? Maybe you don’t have very good credit and the offer seems like it’s too good to be true. But it does say that you were prescreened, so apparently, they reviewed… Read More »

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