Victim Representation

Victims of violent crime often suffer great trauma that is not easily overcome. Whether a senseless, random act or a deep violation of trust by someone close, violence can leave a person feeling bereft, angry and vulnerable. The reverberations can have a profound impact on one’s social and emotional well-being, and also his or her financial stability.

Miami victim rights lawyers at Jacobs Keeley are dedicated to protecting the rights and furthering the interests of violent crime victims, both as an advocate throughout the criminal proceedings and as a champion in civil litigation.

We recognize that victims of violent crimes are afforded numerous rights and benefits within both the criminal and civil justice system. It’s our goal to ensure clients’ voices are heard and they are afforded the proper courtesy throughout proceedings. We work to shield them from intrusive media coverage, and speak to reporters on their behalf. We are also dedicated to making sure they receive due compensation – through restitution and civil action – to which they are entitled.

Representation in the Criminal Case

The criminal justice system is an incredibly intimidating forum for anyone who lacks experience with it. This is true not only for defendants facing serious charges, but also for crime victims. These are individuals who have endured a horrific event, and are then compelled to relive or recount it under intense scrutiny from prosecutors, defense attorneys and the media.

You do not have to endure this alone.

We can sit in during interviews with police or prosecutors to ensure your rights are protected and your positions effectively conveyed. People often think of police or prosecutors on the side of the victim. But it’s worth noting their goals may not always be precisely aligned.

For example, prosecutors are keenly aware of the time and money constraints of the criminal trial process. Without a victim advocate pushing hard for tough action, prosecutors may be more apt to concede to a plea deal, which will result in reduced fines and penalties for the defendant.

As former prosecutors, we understand why state attorneys follow certain approaches, which gives us an advantage when persuading them to pursue certain charges more aggressively. Your well-being and security – now and into the future – should be a top priority and consideration in these proceedings.

Another example regards the element of restitution. In many cases, victims of serious crimes are entitled to compensation through restitution in criminal court. This does not bar the later pursuit of damages in civil court, but it’s an important part of the criminal case as well. We can help prosecutors in formulating and presenting the court a clear, effective case for your right to adequate restitution.

Victim Representation in Civil Litigation

Separate from the criminal case, is the possibility of civil litigation.

Victims of violent criminal acts may be entitled to collect compensatory or punitive damages not just from the offender, but from third-party defendants who failed in the duty to protect a victim from undue harm.

This is called negligence, and if you can prove you suffered actual damages as a result of, we can help you collect due monetary compensation.

A prime example is a premises liability lawsuit stemming from third-party liability. For example, if you are the victim of armed robbery and battery in a grocery store parking lot, you may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner for failure to make the property reasonably safe for business invitees. The same might apply if you are the victim of a sexual assault at an apartment complex where there was poor lighting, non-working locks or no security guard present, despite known risks. Similar assertions could be made if you suffer gunshot wounds or some other form of battery in a crowded nightclub with a problematic history.

Most commercial insurance policies carry coverage specifically for such risks. Some of these cases might have a strict statute of limitations, so it’s important to consult with an experienced victim advocate lawyer as soon as possible.

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