Why Fight?

To foreclose a mortgage in Florida, a bank must do more than prove a borrower has not made payments. There are powerful defenses to be raised in a foreclosure. You have the right to conduct discovery, request documents, and hold the bank to its burden.

Most banks push for a quick foreclosure. A loan modification company cannot go into court and fight. Jacobs Keeley has developed an extensive foreclosure strategy to negotiate from a position of strength

So what are you to do?

Don't just roll over and let the bank take your home? Do not move out because you are behind on your payments. You are within your rights to stay in the home until the bank overcomes your defenses. If the property is rented, you can continue to collect rent while we fight your foreclosure.

If you're ready to fight, Call Jacobs Keeley.

Who are Jacobs Keeley? Bruce Jacobs spent five years filing foreclosures for large lending institutions throughout Florida. He is a father, a husband and a homeowner like you. He understands the impact of a severely underwater mortgage and importance of finding a solution.

Jacobs Keeley offers the chance to fight back your foreclosure.
  • A properly defended foreclosure can take years before the Bank can prove its case.
  • Other defenses can result in the foreclosure being dismissed entirely.
  • Still other defenses catch violations of federal banking regulations that could cause the bank difficulty in foreclosing.
The threat of a good fight
  • The Government continues to struggle with solutions that will only strengthen your negotiations
  • Our goal at Jacobs Keeley, PLLC is to convince the Bank their best result will come from avoiding the fight
  • Negotiate your loan modification or short sale from a position of strength
  • Our firm looks for creative solutions to achieve each homeowners best case scenario
  • The best foreclosure defense is a strong offense.

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